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Intended Attention

The philosophy of the movement towards the other is our leitmotif. For example, we use it in a company context in manager-employee-situations or staff relations but also in situations between an orator and an audience or in a medicinal context between a doctor and a patient. In these situations, you will turn towards the other actively. This attention can be crucial. Crucial for your success. The movement takes place on a different level than common face-to-face situations. It sees your attention towards the other as a high-priority intention, a duty.

Unser Team - Imperative Art Bonn

The Path to You

We support people in companies when it comes to relating to one another and getting in motion towards one another. Moving this movement to the center of attention, we take an important step towards metaphoric event studies.

Event Studies and the Ethics of the Other

Philosophically speaking, we derive information from phenomenological and Pauline sources. We refer to event studies with regard to Alfred North Whitehead. Space, body and atmospheres are used with reference to the New Phenomenology according to Hermann Schmitz. The Ethics of the Other by Emmanuel Lévinas determines the aim of our efforts on every level. Methodically, we work with the imperative conversation techniques of Markus Frotz implemented according to the observations of von Hans Lipps, Henri-Louis Bergson, Alain Badiou, Marc Richir, Maine de Biran and others.


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